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To reach this spot, I had to scramble for about 30 feet on rocks. What made it worse was that these rocks were filled with moss and very slippery. At one point I stopped and stood staring at the ocean, contemplating whether to give up. But the photographer inside me egged me on and I managed to plonk my tripod where I wanted. The wind was strong and there was wave after wave crashing on rocks around me. There were some close calls and I narrowly avoided getting drenched. Captured a beautiful sunset, watched some sea gulls and sea lions and drove back home with good music and the quiet satisfaction of a job well done :)


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๐Ÿ‘ค Imam Asy Syafiโ€™i rahimahullah berkata :

โ€œSudah sepatutnya bagi seorang alim memiliki amalan rahasia yang tersembunyi, hanya Allah dan dirinya saja yang mengetahuinya. Karena segala sesuatu yang ditampakkan di hadapan manusia akan sedikit sekali manfaatnya di akhirat kelak.โ€


  • Taโ€™thirul Anfas min Haditsil Ikhlas, hal 230-232)

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